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In today’s competitive world, a professional is not judged by his/her technical skills alone. Especially when it comes to job interviews or when meeting a prospective investor or client for a student start-up, its not his exam scores that matters more. It’s about how he/ she communicates. Its about how he presents himself. Its about how confident he is about himself. Its about how he copes up with work pressure. Its about how he deals with people. Its about his body language. Above all, its about his attitude. Baker Academy have a very efficient panel of Professional Coaches, Motivation Trainers, Mind Trainers and Soft Skill experts, having years of experience in coaching hundreds of professionals, students and businessmen.
Our panel of coaches offers the following training packages:

• Finding the “Winner In You”
• Public speaking skills
• Communication Skills
• Presentation skills
• Resume preparation
• Interview Preparation
• Group discussions
• Time Management
• Stress Management
• Motivation sessions
• Social Media Profile Optimization
• Personal Branding
• Finding the “Entrepreneur In You”