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  • Duration:45 Days
  • Eligibility:Diploma in Civil Engineering/ B.Tech Civil Engineering 7th semester upwards

Quantity Surveying

Civil Engineering

Quantity surveyors are not merely people who prepare estimate, but in reality they perform many other roles including managing costs and finances of  projects, advising on procurement methods and deciding on construction contracts and relative documentations.


  • The scope of quantity surveyor is much wider than a civil engineer . There are even BTech degrees in foreign countries on QS.
  • The opportunities double up as many cost management firms shop for  qualified QS professionals
  • In country’s like Canada, Australia, Brittan and even Gulf countries Quantity Surveyors are considered as one of the topmost available careers.
  • In India quantity surveying is counted as a thriving profession.
  • As quantum of construction projects coming up over the next 10 years is very high, there is huge demand for professional quantity surveyors to augment the profession.
  • By 2020 it is expected that the demand of quantity surveyors will reach nearly 1,00,000.


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