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  • Duration:60 days
  • Eligibility:Diploma in Civil Engineering/B.Tech Civil Engineering 6th semester upwards

Practical Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering freshers can explain 10 methods of designing, but they fail to execute atleast one of them on site. The theoretical stuff acquired from classrooms are entirely different from the practical point of view. Here we bridge the gap between academia and industry.

The course, ‘Practical Civil Engineering’ is coined in such a way that, it helps to tackle the problems faced by civil engineering freshers. Our job training enhances your learning experience and achieves a better level of understanding.

The course aims job training in practical aspects of the subjects such as:

  • planning and designing of buildings
  • quantity surveying (residential , commercial & educational buildings etc)
  • structural design of low rise buildings
  • project management essentials

They will also get practical tips essentially to be known by practicing civil & structural engineers and architects. The coursework also involves the process of decision-making, conceptualizing complex engineering problems, understanding engineering brief and developing appropriate models. Everything required to be known by an engineer/architect from conception to completion of a project will be covered under this course. This course will be very useful for all fresher engineers/architects.


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